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Blue Sky Homes and Villas is a trading division of Shipley Travel Limited; A UK registered company with a very high reputation in travel. Our team of professionals has over 20 years’ genuine experience in the Florida villa market. We are different from other providers because our offering is based on a wealth of industry experience in both product and technology. We have our own proprietary travel software that empowers the technology behind the site and the advanced functionality. We therefore have an extensive array of integration and website customisation options available to our agents.

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Powerful and Fully Customisable Integration Options

Being both a travel and technology business you will be working with product specialists and technology system providers all under one roof! We have devised and developed many bespoke solutions over the years and can even custom build solutions for your business. We are constantly enhancing and refining our software, to improve the useability, to you: the Agent.

What are the Benefits of Using the Blue Sky Homes and Villas Agent Program?

First and foremost, Blue Sky Homes and Villas are a UK Limited company with a wealth of industry experience. We have a well-established business and a proof of concept that this solution performs. The BSHV platform is a proven one that actually works and has worked for over 18 months. We only work with reputable US management companies with whom we enjoy a good, direct working relationship. We contract our suppliers directly by meeting them individually and view some of their accommodation units prior to them being placed on sale.

Partner with a Company that has the In-House Resources and Capability to Evolve Quickly and Efficiently.

The search and booking process is already optimised for mobile devices, therefore your white label will be too, as will your original content. A well-designed and content written website will keep the search engines and your customers happy. Need something specific? No problem. Speak to your account manager and we’ll do what we can to extend or develop areas of your portal to provide you with the functionality and you need.

Experts in the Orlando Villa Rental Business. We’ve Been Doing this for 20+ Years!

With such a large selection of accommodation and resorts to choose from, picking your ideal villa and location can sometimes prove to be a bit of a challenge! Questions from potential new customers are bound to ensue, some of which can’t necessarily be answered over the phone. Local product knowledge and expertise is key to converting that sale. Our sales and support staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have, and, if in the unlikely event we cannot answer the question, we’ll speak to the relevant people and get you an answer as soon as we can.

We Can provide our Agents with Fast and Simple Access to a Wide Range of Rental Properties in Orlando.

Keep an eye out for new accommodation units within other holiday destinations in Florida. These will appear within your Agent CMS Portal.